Our Community


The Manyeleti Game Reserve is managed by the Mnisi tribe who has been in the area for many generations. The Mnisi are committed to retaining the integrity of the game reserve and ensuring that the benefits of tourism in the reserve are delivered to the surrounding communities.


Welverdiend Village

The rural village of Welverdiend is located a few kilometers outside the Orpen Gate of Kruger National Park.  The community is working hard toward sustainable livelihoods and protection of their natural resources.

We offer group tours, where you will learn about the traditional way of life and the challenges that they face in a changing environment.

You will spend time walking from home to home within the village.  You will meet with the village “headman” and the village medicine man.  The women will show you how they grind and sift corn to make mealie-meal, a staple of their diet.  The women’s guild and a group of enthusiastic children demonstrated some of their traditional dances, using musical instruments made of the long spiral horns of kudu – a local antelope.

Successful wildlife conservation plans must give local people economic incentives to participate and support the plans. 



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