Summer of 2013


As spring turned into summer the African bush transformed from the dry, dusty lanscape, to a lush thicket of new life. The calls of the summer birds like the Woodland kingfisher where a welcome treat in the crisp early mornings, and soon the sights of Impala lambs sealed the deal! Summer was here!   
















As Christmas approached, sightings where at their best, with all of the big 5 making wonderfull sightings! Elephants, lions and even the elusive Leopards where seen on a regular basis, and with all the new life, even the bush walks where really transformed with hundreds of small things to find and explore!












Christmas was a bash, with the chefs outperforming themselves with the most inviting and innovative of dinners, topped with all the festive goodies! Even the staff where in full festive spirit all wearing their Xmas hats and looking as jolly as can be! Our European friends always refure to a white Christmas, but out here, it was more of a green christmas with nice hot days and cloudy, thunderly evenings! 










Then towards the end of january we where hit with less fortunate luck as we where flooded. What began with a tiny stream running past the camp ended up within a short time of two hours or so, to a raging river eighty metres wide and more then 2 metres deep! We tried to save a few things but staying safe was the priority and many of the tents had to be left to battle the elements!





















After all had recovered,  all hands hit the deck and the big cleanup/fixup had to start. While there were still a few tents out of order, most of the damage was fixed and cleaned up with life slowly returning back to normal! Like a condolence prize, the leopard sightings where phenominal, with more then four different leopards seen within a weeks space, mostly due to them walking on the roads to avoid the long wet grass.


So far an eventful start to 2013. We are looking forward to the rest of the year with much anticipation, hoping to share our bit of paradise with our guests.













Just in time for a wonderfully peaceful Valentine’s Day!