August 2009


With the cool winter months moving in the temperature drop in the mornings is very noticeable, the bright greens of summer are slowly fading into dull yellows and browns. However it means that our sightings are going to start to improve, already we have been fortunate enough to have some pretty amazing sightings.
Whilst the under 35s reinsurance group were staying at Honeyguide they saw all of the big 5 in their 2 night stay. With a couple of once in a lifetime moments that will stay with them forever, like the big male leopard marking territory in the road in front of them, or sitting with a pride of 16 lions for over an hour as they ate and fought over a buffalo carcass. From warthog to zebra males fighting they saw it all. And look forward to their return to Honeyguide.
Our leopard sightings have been brilliant matching those of the Sabi Sands. We have had a baby boom of leopards with almost all of our females being seen with cubs of various ages. We have a female we call Roelani (relaxed) who has got two cubs we estimate them to be just over one month old who seems to like the vicinity of Mantobeni camp and we see her or signs of her in camp almost on a daily basis. But I think the highlight so far has to be the sightings that we are getting with the Tintswalo female and her two 9 month old cubs, who are so relaxed with the vehicles that curiosity often gets the better of them and they come take a closer look at us, climbing onto the running boards of the vehicles giving the guests and the rangers a sniff before lying down or playing around the vehicle, my tracker Walter even had one of the cubs lick his shoe, it is an amazing experience and we are truly fortunate to be allowed so close to these beautiful big cats.
One morning whilst on drive with Will and Olek from the UK, Dries found a coalition of 4 big male cheetah it is the first time we are seeing them but we think that it might be the males we see moving through our area, males often split up to patrol huge territories. Bobby and Warwick from Aus were lucky enough to see lions mating this isn’t common to see and was something they wont forget about.                     
As the water levels in the waterholes continues to drop and the bush dries we look for ward to seeing what the rest of the season has in store for us here at Honeyguide.
Until next time,
Greg, Dries and the Honeyguide team