News Summer 2010/2011



Summer is here in full force and the day time temperatures are reaching
middle 30`s to late 30`s with midday being almost unbearable. New growth
can be seen everywhere and we have had lots of rain with over a 100
millimetres in one night. Some of the wild flowers are showing and the
woodland kingfishers are back and in the mornings the birds are waking
everyone at the lodge before the drum beat. The new generation of impalas
has also arrived, with babies in every herd.

Game is abundant and almost every game drive is a big 5 drive. Cheetahs
are moving between us and the Kruger Park and even the rhinos come close
to Honeyguide. The female leopard Rhulani and her two cubs have been seen at Khoko Moya for the last two months. These cubs are about 9 months old now...

Big herds of 500 to 800 buffalos have been coming to the waterhole at
Mantobeni for a couple of days with the lions in hot pursuit. There are six male lions that have moved into the area, specialising in hunting buffalo.  Rhulani has shown her cubs how to kill impala lambs for the last month of November making it look so easy. Almost all the animals in the bush have given birth and it is great to see all the new babies. The young male leopard at Tintswalo is very relaxed with the vehicles but his sister remains at a distance. It is a shame that the youngster will be kicked out of the area by the dominant male.  Elephant bulls have visited Mantobeni, keeping the staff and guests on their toes.

We are blessed to have some of our old friends back at Honeyguide for the
fourth time. Mike, Edmond and Harriet Devaney were fortunate enough to see
leopard, lion and cheetah on a couple of occasions. We had a brilliant serval
and civet sighting, with a bush baby to top it all. Najla Naim has been in
Africa numerous times and on our first drive we saw two beautiful leopard
cubs right next the vehicle. It is not just the big 5 that will keep our guests
captivated. This is the season for birders and insect lovers alike. In the early
morning sun plum coloured dung beetle rolls his ball along the road. Golden
orb web spiders dangle from the trees and the red footed kestrels and
vultures soar high above us,

Mike, Harriet and Edmund Devaney with Conright.

Until next season
The Honeyguide team
All photos by Dries Jordaan