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Honeyguide Camps is part of the Albatros Travel Group

A Scandinavian travel company with a global wingspan, Albatros Travel has grown from a small office in Copenhagen, Denmark to offices around the world. ‘Albatros’ is the Danish spelling of ‘albatross’ - the globetrotting bird with a big wingspan! From safaris and cruises to Arctic voyages and Adventure Marathons in the African bush, Albatros Travel spans the world with our unique offerings.

From our humble beginnings in 1986, the family-owned company now employs more than 250 full-time staff in branches across three continents. Africa has always held a special place in Albatros Travel's founder Søren Rasmussen's heart. As one of the first Scandinavian travel companies to offer safari journeys, Albatros Travel has grown to be a major player in the arena, and this is in part due to the fact that we either wholly own or are shareholders and part-owners of several award-winning lodges and camps in Southern Africa.

All of Albatros Travel’s different business operations are united under the same set of principles that govern the Albatros Way: a commitment to quality, responsible travel, and customer satisfaction.

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